Deploy CloudFormation

Deploy CloudFormation template to create basic infrastructure

Step 1: Download Cloudformation template cf-360view.yaml : Right click here and Save Link as File.

cf 0

Step 2: Open the AWS Cloudformation stack creation And Upload a template file.

cf 1

Step 3: Choose Next and fill up the parameters:

  • Stack name: c360view
  • Network Configuration:
  • Which VPC should this be deployed to?: Default VPC (
  • SubnetAz1: ( (look for this IP range)
  • SubnetAz2: ( (look for this IP range)
  • InstanceKeyPairParameter: c360view-oregon (the one that you created before)

cf 2

Step 4: Choose Next. No need to change anything on Configure stack options, click Next again.

Step 5: Scroll down to find a check box and mark the “I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.” and Create stack.

cf 3

Step 6: Go to Resources tab to look for completion of resources.

cf 4

The template has created the following resources to optimize your time. 3 Amazon S3 buckets:

  • RawDataS3Bucket
  • StageDataS3Bucket
  • AnalyticsDataS3Bucket

1 RDS instance with PostgreSQL database to simulate your transaction database.

  • RDSSource – sourcemf

6 Lambda functions to generate data for different source.

  • c360viewCRMApi
  • c360viewGetCRMApi
  • c360viewGetGaTables
  • c360viewMFgenAccount
  • c360viewMFgenCard
  • c360viewMFgenGBank

5 CloudWatch events schedules, to trigger the Lambda functions.

2 Security group, firewalls, one for the EC2 instance, other for Replication instances and Lambda functions.

1 Role for the AWS Lambda functions 1 Role for the AWS Glue

1 Amazon EMR cluster

Check the status of each resource, and order by resource status.

After you see “CREATE_COMPLETE” for the stack all resources are ready and you can proceed to next step Load Data.