Lake Formation setup

Setup your Data Lake with Lake Formation

Step 1: Go to the Lake Formation console:

lf 0

If you are prompted to “Welcome to Lake Formation” window, click on Add Administrators and add the user or role your are using to access this account, as Lake Formation admin.

If you have a Get Started screen, click on Get Started.

On Lake Formation console go to Permissions -> Admins and database creators, and grant your user as administrator.

Step 2: Add the user or the role (if you used an assume role to log in) you are using as Data Lake admin, so your user can administer storage areas, databases and tables.

cf 1

Add your user as Administrator and Save

Step 3: Add the buckets starting with “c360view” as data lake locations for Lake Formation. Indicating there are part of your data lake.

cf 2

Step 4: Click Register location.

cf 3

Step 5: Click on Browse and select each c360view bucket to register. Leave everything else as default and click on Register Location.

cf 4

Repeat it for the 3 buckets:

  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-raw
  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-stage
  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-analytics

After registration you will see a screen like the following.

cf 5

Step 6: On Lake Formation data locations permission console Click on Grant to grant access to Glue-role-c360view role.

cf 6

Step 7: Click on Grant. To grant access to the locations to Glue-role-c360view.

  • IAM users and roles: Glue-role-c360view

Storage locations:

  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-raw
  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-stage
  • c360view-us-west-2-your_account_id-analytics

cf 8

Click on Grant.

You will see these grants for locations.

cf 10

Go to Admins and database creators.

cf 11

Step 8: Grant database creator to the following roles:

  • Glue-role-c360view

cf 12

Click Grant